Welcome to the Brethren Training Network. BTN has the goal of encouraging training and leadership development in the worldwide Brethren movement of churches, and of linking people across the world who want to see improvements in spiritual and practical leadership in these churches. A key opportunity to network will be at the forthcoming BTN Training Day extension at IBCM7.

As the title suggests, this site relates to Brethren churches, of which there are 100,000 worldwide. Some churches call themselves Brethren, others have their roots in that tradition while yet others prefer to be known as Independent Evangelical churches. We seek to serve churches in this context but our hope is that others will find the materials helpful and we welcome all who want to see their churches become more effective

The site is also about training. We hope the resources identified in the site will be of help to individuals, churches and countries seeking to develop training systems for spiritual and leadership growth.

Finally, the site is about networking. Much good work is being done and our hope is that there will be a sharing of experience, ideas and resources for the benefit of everyone.

NEWSFLASH     Join us at IBCM 7 in Rome, 24-28th June 2019, for further training discussions.