These pages show church and mission service agencies who serve Brethren and Brethren ethos churches in their specific countries or regions. For specifically training focused organisations and institutions use the “Training” menu to search by region or for internet based training opportunistic.


              GLO Europe – Evangelism, Church Planting, Training and resourcing missions in Europe



  Bible College and Mission service agency Forum Wiedenest


United Kingdom

  The Church Support Network links groups which serve God from within the worldwide Christian Brethren movement in the UK.  The website aims to inform about, and clarify, what each of these bodies and initiatives in the UK does, and how they fit together, so that you know whom to approach for help for your church in evangelism, church planting, church growth, training, networking, joint events, overseas mission and much more.


Partnership – encouraging local churches. Partnership is based in the UK. Its aim is to strengthen and encourage local churches by networking leaders, stimulating, training and developing them, and helping them to think through specific issues which confront local church leaders today.


Echoes’ main purpose is to serve missionaries around the world, and those commended from Christian Brethren assemblies/churches in particular.