Brethren Training Network IBCM7 Extension Programme June 2019 This is an opportunity both for those involved in Biblical and theological teaching and ministry training to consult together, as well as for church leaders to engage directly with those who have experience in training people for ministry in mission and local churches. Any of the registered IBCM7 delegates are free to join in the BTN Extension Training Day. The programme begins on the Friday at 4:30 PM 28th June , immediately after the main IBCM sessions end, and finishes on Saturday at 4:00 PM 29th June. There will be panel conversations on excellence in training, where leaders in training will bring a brief description and updates of the key ministry and mission training being undertaken in their regions. We will get to hear from Prof John Lennox on developing a learning culture within Brethren ethos churches. There will be workshops on equipping for service such as training for church planting, excellence in writing for biblical and theological education, pastoral training, coaching leadership toward missional outcomes, and online learning. There will be also be some presentations from colleges and schools focusing on understanding the values and relevance of systematic training to meet your training needs for church growth in your country or region. Click here for the BTN@IBCM7 Training Day Programme Click here for the BTN Training Day Workshop Details Click for downloadable copy of a summary List of Training Systems and Institutions serving within the Brethren movement worldwide. Click here for some prayer point updates.