Central and Eastern Europe Consultation –  Theme: “Networking for Growth”

Held in Dömös, Hungary October 1st– 5th 2018. The Consultation is organised by the Philadelphia Trust, GLO Europe, Echoes International and partners in Europe. The Consultation has been organised with the clear intention of bringing together leaders and future leaders of teaching and evangelistic ministries.

 Purpose: To develop networking for Church Growth

“He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” Ephesians 4:16

 Key Messages

  • Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century
  • Growing Churches
  • Working Together in Partnership
  • Developing Leaders in the 21st Century

Delegates Information Handbook


  • Roger Brind, Cardiff, UK
  • Mark Davies, London, UK
  • Richard Harknett, Bishop Stortford, UK
  • Ernő Nagy, Dömös, Hungary
  • Karoly Szöcs, Ghindari (Makfalva), Romania
  • Stephen McQuoid, Motherwell,UK
  • Paul Thomas, Caerphilly, UK


Plenary Lectures

1. “Working in Partnership”, Roger Brind

2. “Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century” – Czesław Bassarra


Extra Resource: An Excellent article on Generation Z  by Barna Group, which can be accessed via the Barna Website . “Morality Can Be a Grey Area to Gen Z Looking at some basic principles, there is a curious generational shift in the moral compass of Americans. …. At [the] extreme end, one-quarter of Gen Z (24%) strongly agrees that what is morally right and wrong changes over time based on society. There is a wide generational divide on this point: Twice as many Gen Z than Boomers (12%) believe this. The centrality of the self as moral arbiter is also higher among the younger generations—21 percent of Gen Z and 23 percent of Millennials believe each individual is his or her own moral authority—though Gen X (18%) and Boomers (17%) aren’t too far behind on this one. As mentioned, these are only the proportions who strongly agree, so this is perhaps just a hint of a broader public acceptance that morality can be fluid. ….  One participant said, “Society changes, and what’s good or bad changes as well. It is all relative to what’s happening in the world.” ”

3 “Growing Churches” – Ulrich Neuenhausen

4. “Developing Leaders in the 21st Century” – Stephen McQuoid


Forum Panels

1. Church Planting

2. Training for Church Growth



1. Value and use of Teaching English in evangelism and ministry  Led by Roman Brychuk and Roger Brind

2. Use of professional expertise for ministry – medicine, ethics, counselling etc. Led by János Harmatta and Andrew Turkanik

3. The role of music and song in evangelism and ministry Led by Tamás Madarász, András Bolyki and Marian Pawlas

4. Succession planning for local churches and ministries  Led by Ulrich Neuenhausen and Stephen McQuoid

5. The role of Hermeneutics in teaching– with reference to understanding and handling the Biblical text in an evangelical context.Led by Mark Davies and Jarek Andreýsek

5(a) An Introduction to Hermenutics

5(b) Hermeneutical challenges in the historic Brethren movement