Thousands of Christian books are published each year.  It is virtually impossible to keep up with what is  available.           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One  very valuable tool is to check out the information at  which seeks to “convey  the essence of books of particular interest to thinking Christians through complete and accurate summaries”

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Christian Apologetics       Author: Douglas Groothuis

Building Biblical Churches Author: John W Baigent

The Tortoise Usually Wins Author: Brian Harris

Learning to Lead      David Clarkson and Stephen McQuoid

How to use the OT           Author: David Gooding


Who is reading what right now?

Stephen McQuoid (General Director GLO)    July 2013

David Clarkson (Secretary BTN Steering Group)  August 2013

Stephen McQuoid 2  (General Director GLO)    December 2013

Stephen McQuoid 3     December 2013

Simon Marshall 2 (Teacher, Tilsley College)     December 2013


“Must have” books for every:

Christian leader

Church elder

Youth worker